What is OPTIS?
OPTIS allows your school's parents to book interview appointments online - removing the burden from your staff.

Every academic term schools are faced with the burden of coordinating parent teacher interviews that put a strain on schools resources and staff. The Online Parent Teacher Interview Scheduler was developed closely with teachers, administrations and parents to offer a method that is both convenient and user-friendly, allowing parents to book interviews online at any time, day or night - taking the stress off of schools.

No need for parents to call schools, no more wasted time for staff. Parents can easily schedule interviews in just minutes and since the software requires virtually no administration, your staff is free to attend to their regular duties. We are confident that OPTIS will save your staff countless hours of work.

How does it work?
Parents access OPTIS using a link located on the schools website. Parents then select the appropriate teachers and a time that best fits their schedule. They will then be sent a confirmation email to ensure they selected the appropriate times. Teachers' schedules are also updated with up-to-the-minute appointments which they can check at any time. There are also numerous features available to give parents a new level of control over their schedules. Since the software is entirely web-based parents can schedule interviews day or night, selecting times that are most convenient for themselves using their web browser.

The OPTIS software is so simple it can be used by anyone with little or no computer experience - there is no software to install, no additional hardware. OPTIS also offers numerous advanced features and options for more experienced administrators.

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